Saturday, May 14, 2011

Las Vegas Trip

Thanks to our amazing parents…Brad & I took a trip to Las Vegas together last week…alone-just the two of us-no kiddos…and it was one of the best weeks EVER!  We walked around just as giddy & in love as we were on our honeymoon!

We had so much fun. 

Actually—we had a totally amazingly freaking BLAST.

I brought our point & shoot camera because I didn’t want to carry around my real “baby” and at the end of the trip we finally figured out why every picture was hazy…thanks to my little boys finger prints!  At least we have some pictures from the trip though!

We walked through all the hotels, but the Bellagio was my favorite! It was filled with beautiful flower landscapes!  I was in awe at all the hydrangeas. 

LasVegas 071LasVegas 073LasVegas 074LasVegas 075LasVegas 077LasVegas 078

While we spent a lot of time walking the strip, eating at amazing restaurants, and playing some serious black jack….we hit the pool EVERYDAY and totally relaxed!

LasVegas 080LasVegas 082LasVegas 091LasVegas 123LasVegas 095LasVegas 104LasVegas 106LasVegas 124

We saw three great shows…The Ultimate Variety Show(Comedy), Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka and Beatles LOVE.  They were all fantastic, but the Beatles LOVE show was absolutely amazing!!!! If you go to Vegas YOU HAVE TO SEE IT NO MATTER WHAT!

LasVegas 127LasVegas 130LasVegas 133

We were sad to leave, but we had such a great trip & felt completely rejuvenated at the end!  We were so excited to get home to our babies!!  Thanks again Nana, Pop Pop, Mimi & Uncle John for all your help….We feel so lucky to have you guys in our lives! Much LOVE!!!!

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