Monday, May 30, 2011

It’s a fresh new week!

Now that I’ve gotten off my emotional roller coaster from last week…I’m ready for a new fresh week!  Not to discount how I was really feeling…I will have everyone know that my special part of the month came the day after my “Keeping it Real” post.  I know, I know…Brad already made fun of me, but this just goes to show that hormones do indeed put us over the edge sometimes…and they make EVERYTHING worse…and they make us well go uh…crazy.

So moving on…

  • This week I’m starting a chore chart with Jack. I decided that since he has so many things he wants lately he can start earning some money…yes I know…he’s only two!  I think he can do it though.  His chart is going to include pictures to represent simple things such as brushing his teeth, putting away toys, taking a nap(sort of sneaky huh?), eating breakfast/lunch/supper, taking a bath and helping me put away dishes(this he’s been doing for awhile…plastic non sharp items only.)  I’m going to keep quarters around and let him earn a quarter each time he completes something.  He will not be required to complete everything each day…allowing him to move at his own pace and feel no pressure.  I have a feeling he’ll start filling his chart up pretty quickly though!  Once I get his chart made I’ll be sure to share!

  • I’m also ready for a new book, so any recommendations???  I just read The Help, which I thought was fantastic.  I love easy reads…about people’s lives…no sci fi…and no serial killers( I was affected enough by the Baton Rouge one back in college.)


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Sandy and Scott said...

Have you read the "Hunger Games" yet? If not you's my favorite series that I've read this year...there are three books total and they are filming the first movie right now. And I guess it might be a little sci fi...but not really.