Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today we went to Artworks with some friends! It was a great set up…different stations where the kids could move freely and at their own pace to each one.  The boys had so much fun, and Madeline really enjoyed herself too! 

Summer2011 004

This was definitely a favorite!  Anything with a monster truck is fantastic…right?

Summer2011 005Summer2011 008Summer2011 013Summer2011 014

They also spent a lot of time on this one too…an old record player with a paper plate and markers…who knew it be such a hit!

Summer2011 015Summer2011 021Summer2011 028

Madeline doing her new favorite thing…climbing on chairs, falling off with no fear or tears, and climbing right back up it again with every intention of standing on top of it!

Summer2011 030Summer2011 032Summer2011 033Summer2011 036Summer2011 037

My attempt at a picture of me and my babies! They were just having too much fun to stop and smile!

Summer2011 038

All of these activities were really easy and fun for the boys!  I am definitely going to recreate them for at home!


Kate Dawson said...

Let me know the details! I want to try over here... probably outside.

Laura said...

Isn't it amazing?! Are you thinking about preschool yet? You should look into a parents co-op preschool. Kaia is enrolled in one here and they do these kinds of art projects every day! Kaia goes 3 part-time days/ week (4 next year as her official "preschool" year before kindergarten - gasp!). Laila gets to tag along, which is rare for preschools. And, it's been great for me to connect with other moms.