Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great News!

We went to our check up today and Jack was doing much much better! His ear was already looking better, which made us all feel like he most likely just had some virus that caused an ear infection. We are still going to finish the Tamiflu just in case because we are still waiting for the test results to come back and confirm he didn't have the fascinating swine flu. He hasn't run a fever all day which has been great, and his cough is pretty much gone. I'm soooo very happy :)

On another note, Jack has been eating more finger foods lately b/c he absolutely loves to feed himself. I started giving him whole peas the other day and I have to say its hilarious to watch him eat or should I say play with them. He uses his pointer finger and individually mashes each one on the tray before eating them or tossing them over onto the floor for Sadie to enjoy. He is very focused while mashing them and makes sure not to miss one. Kids are so funny.


SANDY said...

So glad to hear Jack is feeling better!

Jessica A said...

Yea for happy and healthy babies...tell him I might have to bite his little ear off:) Thats what MiMis do!