Tuesday, May 19, 2009

untitled..b/c i can't think of one.

I recieved this "Kiddopotamus TinyDiner" at one of my showers, and I started using it the other day. It's perfect for eating at restaurants because it gives you a nice clean surface for your little one to eat on. It uses suction cups to stay attached to the table, and it has a little scoop that catches all the goodies that would fall into your lap or on the floor. After Jack was done I just went to the bathroom and rinsed it off so I could bring it home clean.

Look at the morning hair! I love it! He's really starting to get the "Edward" look down.

Jack pulls up on everything he can...including his highchair, which thankfully has locks on the wheels! He loves to play in the kitchen, and his favorite toy is a fly swatter these days. Go figure!

You always read about when your baby will start getting seperation anxiety, well Jack has gotten it. He cries everytime I walk out of his sight! I've started these "exercises" where I tell him "bye bye" as I leave then I come back in a short period of time gradually making the time I'm gone a little longer(by gone I mean in the other room or just out of his view)...the idea is for him to learn that I am indeed coming back. He's started waving bye rather than crying so I think I'm making progress!

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