Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ever since I stopped nursing...Jack has been getting ear infections and they suck...bad. He refuses to eat, which he can't afford to do, and he's super fussy and doesn't sleep well at night. A few days ago I started suspecting he had an ear infection b/c he stopped eating...started getting fussy...and was doing the famous tugging of the ear. I waited a couple of days b/c most ear infections are untreatable and will resolve within a few days on their own, but then he started running a fever so I decided we should go get it checked out...especially since this would be his 4th lovely ear infection since Jan. We went in on Monday, and I was stumped b/c the doctor said he had lots of wax(supposedly he has small ear canals) and cleared us for any ear infections. We were sent home and told to come back if symptoms get worse. I have to say I left feeling sort of silly since I was almost positive he had one. Oh well, right? Better safe than sorry. Well....early Tuesday morning around 5:30 AM my little man woke up with a cough, runny nose and fever of 102.7! I brought him in yesterday b/c something was obviousely wrong. We saw a different doctor that wanted to investigate what was behind all the wax so we did an ear wash...which Jack HATED and low and behold...he had a tremendous ear infection with fluid...pus...and all. Poor little guy :( We are almost positive he just has a viral infection which caused the ear infection and "flu like" symptoms...but b/c of the lovely H1N1 virus(aka Swine Flu) we are being treat for that as well just in case. We did a rapid flu test which came back negative, but they are saying that test normally does and its the culture test that comes up positive. You might be thinking we'd have the results by now...but we don't b/c it takes 2-5 days to get them back and Jack would already be out of the 48 hour treatable window. So, yesterday we went home with Tamiflu and an antibiotic for the ear infection. I'm pretty positive he doesn't have the H1N1 virus but we are taking precautions just in case. Most importantly...we are getting rid of that terrible ear infection that has been causing my baby to act quite out of the ordinary and leaving mommy with no sleep and a little stressed b/c I can't get anything done with a fussy baby.

Any who....we are on our way for a follow up appt. I'll let ya'll know how that test comes worries though...if he does have the H1N1 virus...its a milder flu than the regular seasonal flu and all the babies that have gotten it at our clinic respond perfectly to the Tamiflu.

Pray for a well baby I can become a functional mommy again who feels like doing productive things.

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