Saturday, May 16, 2009

When is life most precious?

When is life most precious?
at the sight of new life?
what a wonderful entrance
a grand entrance
as a mother holds her baby for the first time?
little hands
they'll touch the world
each moment a child finds himself?
laughing or playing

as one sees
as one feels

or is it when he's all grown up?
he remembers his past
so familiar as he watches his children
starting to learn
continuing to play

he sits waiting now
fighting the pain
fragile but strong
experienced filled mind
stories still untold
nearing lifes most precious moment
a grand entrance it will be
one piece
one part in time
one that will pass as quickly as his beginning

1 comment:

Haley said...

That is really beautiful and fitting- my DeeDee just past away yesterday and I am reminded of how God always works things out and creates new life and new beginings as other lives end..did you write that? really beautiful.