Saturday, May 2, 2009

We love visitors!

This past week Nana & Pop Pop(Brad's parents) came to visit! Brad's brother David was also in town. The last time he saw Jack was at Christmas time...not too long ago, but Jack has changed so much. It was fun to have family around. We cooked lots of good food and just hung out mostly. We did go to a baseball game...which was sooooo exciting(notice the sarcasm). I'm not a huge baseball fan, but it was nice to be outside in great weather with peanuts and crackerjacks and out of the house. Jack enjoyed chewing on the key chain we got for free and every now and then we looked at the field. Right now I'm having a moment because I really wanted to go to Fredericksburg but the weather was not good enough today, so now I'm moping and very grouchy and Brad is going crazy because he wants to have a good day but I'm driving him crazy. Basically what needs to happen is that I need to get over it, have an awesome day with my husband on his day off and find a way to cheer the f#$% up. The secret to life you know: cheer the f@$% up.

enjoy the pics.

david, pop pop, brad & jack.

jack with his key chain

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