Friday, December 4, 2009

"Jolly Old St. Nicholas...."

It's been too long, and I've been a very busy lady! Everyday seems to be filled with one thing or another. I am DONE Christmas shopping so atleast I have that to show for! I've also picked out baby bedding for our sweet little girl that will be arriving in a short 41/2 months! I'm so excited to put it all together in her room, but I'm waiting until a month before she arrives to transfer Jack out of his crib into his big boy bed. It should be interesting! One promising thing is when Jack's ready to go to bed he just lets me know and off he goes into dreamland, so I'm hoping it'll be just as easy when he's not in his crib. I guess we'll see!

I went home for Thanksgiving, which as always was wonderful. It was in the good old Lake Charles that I woke up oh so very early on Black Friday and saved us $60 on one of Jack's gifts. Yay for me! I also got the privalage of making my friend, Ashley's, engagement party cake, which you'll have to check out on my cake blog, me a day or so to post it...I'm waiting on the picture from my mom's camera. The party was fabulous, and I'm so excited for her and Bob! Congrats you guys!

Over the Thanksgiving break, Jack's vocabulary exploded! It has been really fun listening to all his new words and the ones he attempts :) He's added "cow" "up" "tee tee"(for you know what) "baby" and "top part"(aka pop tart)! He can also do the gorilla now, which is where he beats his chest like a gorilla...thanks Mom :) Also when I ask him where my baby is he'll come and lift my shirt and touch my belly...sooo sweet!

As for the little baby growing in my belly, she's doing great! She moves ALOT more than Jack ever did! I'm feeling a lot better these days as well. I've continued to work out which has been really nice. When I was pregnant with Jack I didn't work out so much and I ate a lot more! After I had him I made a commitment to change those two things with the next pregnancy, and so far I'm doing pretty well! We are looking forward to our new seems like time is flying and before we know it she'll be here....sort of scary!

You can definitely sense the Christmas season around our house...the tree is up & everything is decorated. I took Jack to Hobby Lobby to let him pick out some ornaments. As we were walking down the aisle he said "ball!" I looked to find what he was looking and wouldn't you know it was a Santa kicking a soccer ball! We definitely purchased that one along with a train and airplane. He loves to look at them on the tree always sure to point out the "ball!" I don't know what to say...balls are truly his most favorite thing! He has some jammies with balls on them, and when he's wearing them he points out ALL the balls :)

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