Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A new spin on life...

This whole experience has definitely put a new spin on life...

My dad is still in critical condition...he's on full life support in the ICU...his belly is still open, he has a trach, dialysis, feeding tube & is hooked up to more medications I've ever seen on an IV pole before. IT SUCKS.

The doctors say that 60-70% of people in his condition don't make it. He definitely has the odds against him BUT a 30% chance of survival is better than what he had before the surgery. Unfortunately his organs just didn't respond well to all of this and they are trying to call it quits. We are praying everyday, and from here we just wait and hope he pulls out of it. My dad is a fighter and always has been so I know he won't give up. My mom is basically living in Houston right now...keep her in your prayers too b/c while this is all becoming harder and harder for all of us...she is really starting to have a hard time. She's always been so strong...its heartbreaking to watch her feel so lost.

As for this whole new spin on life...I say NO MORE just thinking about seeing, calling, saying whats on your mind, etc. and not doing these things for your loved ones...DO THEM. Time is not guaranteed and you never know when it will be taken away. My dad's been "gone" for almost three weeks now...and I miss him so bad my body aches...I have chest pains and its so painful...I miss him so much.

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