Thursday, October 6, 2011

From Caterpillar to Butterfly!

FALL 2011 116

Yesterday we got our caterpillars in the mail! Jack was ELATED!  He’s been waiting and waiting and waiting for them to come!  We are so excited to get to watch them go through the process of turning from caterpillar to butterfly!

FALL 2011 119

This was Jack’s precious face all night! He was beyond excited and just tickled to death :)

FALL 2011 120FALL 2011 123

FALL 2011 131

These caterpillars have been getting A LOT of attention!  He begged to bring them to school today, so I let him.  His teacher who is such a sweetheart was so welcoming of them :)  I sent his book that we’ve been reading about the whole process and she read it to his whole class….SO SWEET!  He was so proud to show everyone!

FALL 2011 135

When I was growing up my parents did stuff like this with us…giving me some of the best memories!  It’s so much fun to get to do it all with my own kids!  Thanks Mom & Dad for making me LOVE nature :)

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