Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ballet & Snakes

MAY2014 243 

Madeline had her 1st ballet performance! Her recital is coming up, so they had a practice performance at Baytowne Wharf during Spring Fest! She was beyond excited!  She told me while she was getting dressed to not let Jack see her until she was all ready.  When she walked out to show him she was grinning.  It was so precious.

MAY2014 118

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Madeline does everything by the books.  She is a teacher’s dream.  During the performance she did everything just so. While most of the little girls were scared to death, Madeline stayed cool, calm & collected.  I wonder where she got that from!  She is just like her Daddy!

MAY2014 340MAY2014 262

Since Brad couldn’t be there, he had me get her some flowers from him.  When I gave them to her I whispered in her ear that Daddy sent them to her.  The sweet smile on her face was priceless. 

MAY2014 166MAY2014 051

It was a family affair that day!  We did crafts, ate cotton candy, enjoyed snow cones & Jack became obsessed with snakes!  He was already a reptile lover, but now he is on his way to becoming an expert!

MAY2014 228

Look at my handsome man.  I can even believe he’s finishing Kindergarten already. 

MAY2014 015

They were watching some kids perform taekwondo!  They were so interested in this…I’ve never seen Brennan watch something so intently!

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With Brad gone life has been full of adventure & all kinds of emotions.  Taking on a day like this with three kids is daunting, but I never regret it.  I watched the kids go from activity to activity and the smiles on their faces, and my heart ached that Brad couldn’t be there.  This deployment has been a gift in some ways.  God definitely knows what he is doing.  The passing of time has never been so obvious to me. 

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