Wednesday, August 13, 2008

do what you what you do

life has been pretty grand lately..i'm finally getting used to being at home and not at work. its taken awhile...something i didn't think would take anytime. i miss teaching, but not enough to give up being home with jack...and just being able to spend time doing things i could never find time for paint and read and go to bookstores and decorate and umm...there are other things i know. its kind of funny b/c really i haven't had much time to do any of the above yet...b/c jack keeps me really busy alone, but i know the time is coming--soon--i'm starting to see some light at the end of this newborn tunnel experience. jack actually had a 5 hr sleeping stretch last night, then he had a 4 hr stretch. it was a beautiful thing. i couldn't believe it actually...i kept recounting the hours that had passed since we had last been awake and sure enough it had been 5 hrs. i'm not sure if he's actually figuring out daytime is awake time and nighttime is sleep time or if it's just b/c yesterday he was gassy and had a tummy ache all day and didn't sleep much, so he was just really tired by the time all the aches worked themself out. who knows...i guess we'll see tonight.

jack is growing like crazy. he is huge in fact...and his fingernails grow really fast. brad and i still can't believe he is ours and we made him. he's beautiful.

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