Thursday, August 28, 2008

sooo lots of people are wondering...what color is jacks hair?

well...when he was born it was strawberry blonde....then it started to look like it was getting darker...then one day we were outside and it was orange...bright its orange/blondish/brownish...really it depends on the lighting. inside it looks brown, but as soon as you go out in the sunlight its reddish/blondish. so basically we don't know what color his hair will be...i was blonde when i was little but then mine got darker, so it will probably darken. who knows though...there is a lot of red in it for sure. i never thought that would happen!

his eyes are tricky too. i know most newborns have the dark grey eyes and then they turn whatever color. jack has a lighter bluish grey...with a little brown green color around the pupil, so we don't know what color his eyes will be either. i guess we'll see!

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