Monday, August 24, 2009

and life goes on...

Before finding out I was pregnant I started getting pretty nervous about actually being pregnant and being able to take care of Jack considering when I was pregnant for him...I was sick for the first 16-20 weeks. Then I found out I was pregnant...and then at 5 weeks along I started getting sick. I have to say it has been pretty sucky. I'm very thankful I don't have to get up and go to work everyday, but in a way its harder because I feel so bad when I can't play with Jack like he's used to. As far as taking care of the supper...those things can suffer a little, but it kills me when Jack obviousely needs my attention, and I can't give it to him. When I was pregnant with Jack I basically just suffered through the nausea and vomiting b/c my doctor was pretty conservative, but now that my husband is a doctor I've been able to get some relief with a fabulous drug called Zofran. There's nothing worse than a crying baby, and a mommy who can't get away from the toilet bowl. I only take it when I really need it, and its been a true life savor!
On a lighter note, this morning I woke up feeling drugs nothing...just my almost normal feeling self, and I LOVE TO FEEL WELL!!!!!!! I say almost normal b/c there have definitely been some edgy moments, but no real nausea or vomiting! Thank you GOD. I was able to go to the grocery store and gets some light cleaning done around the house...and I was able to really start feeling excited about this baby rather than feeling so sick. I'm convinced its a girl...please Lord let it be a girl. I want to decorate a girl nursery sooo bad! I've probably spent waayy too much time on the internet looking up girl nursery stuff today!

Anyways, for an update on Mr. Big Brother to be...

Jack is doing great. We had our follow up appt., and he's not anemic anymore, so the iron supplements have worked! He'll stay on them for another two months though, and we'll continue to do follow ups monthly to make sure. Hopefully he'll start gaining some weight! As far as everything else with him, he's a busy little boy! He saw a cat on the TV today, and he walked up to the TV and said "at" (which means "cat"). He has also associated our front door with Brad, so he'll walk to it throughout the day and say "DaDa" which breaks my heart. He also LOVES to be outside getting dirty, but its so darn HOT. I'm so ready for the fall! Soon enough it will be here, and we can look forward to nice evenings outside, pumpkin patches, Halloween, crispy leaves, scarves, hot chocolate, thanksgiving, christmas trees....oh how I love the Fall!

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cassiess said...

Yup- brad was right- totally looks like rebecca! but i think in one picture his eyes looked like yours- but that was just one picture- :) sorry! he's beautiful though. it was really nice talking with you guys.
-congrats again on the 2nd!