Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Last week I went home, and we had a great visit! Jack spent almost every afternoon playing in the yard with my mom. I'd usually find him full of dirt and stripped down to his diaper...he was in heaven! He has also learned what "outside" means since then! After supper we'd usually go to the park where Jack played and splashed in the water area. It was really nice in the evenings, and my Dad was able to relax and watch Jack play which he enjoyed. We visited my family in Kinder one day, so Jack got to see Marianna! We also went out to my parents camp where Jack rode the four wheeler again....he was so serious the whole time...he wanted to figure it all out! My dad showed him how to turn it on, and he thought that was really cool! Overall, the trip was great and I'm already ready to go back :)

*Sorry the pics are out of order
We told Jack to give her a he got a little closer but ever so gently.
at the park

diggin in the dirt...he LOVED it!

Water park area

*Notice the oh so serious look on Jack's face!

Playing with Granna!

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