Monday, September 28, 2009

Life is Good!

Things have gotten ALOT better lately! As most of you know I made it back home, and started putting my house back together after weeks of being gone or just being too sick to do anything. Life feels normal again...We are so happy to be back with Brad & our normal routine. I've been feeling alot better, which is sooner than I started to feel better with Jack so I'm very excited! We've been going to the gym in the mornings; even if I hardly work out Jack atleast gets some play time with other kids. I've been taking it pretty easy and trying to do some light cardio, then I sit and drink the free tea that's provided & have a quiet moment. Its been perfect, and Jack really loves going! Other than that, we've been spending our afternoons outside playing which is probably Jack's most favorite thing to do in the whole world. He likes to dig in the dirt and push his bubble mower around. Today I bought him some sidewalk chalk, and I'm sure he'll love that b/c he loves to do art stuff.

My little man all dressed for church!
When we were back home in Lake Charles we spent a day out at my parent's camp, so here are some pics of that little experience...
Playing in the dirt...YEAh!

Riding Paw Paw's lawn mower! As soon as Jack gets on it he starts saying vroom vroom!

Heading to the camp with Susie(my parents dog)!

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