Thursday, October 1, 2009

a little scare...

Last week we had a dating ultrasound...which now puts me at 12 weeks pregnant(a little further along than I had thought). The ultrasound was going fine, but then the ultrasound tech left the room to return to say she thought the nuchal translucency(fluid behind the neck that can detect down syndrome, heart defects, etc.) looked a little thickened, so they were going to refer me to Maternal Fetal Medicine for some more measurements, but they wouldn't be able to see me for another week.....lovely now I get to worry about whether my baby has Downs for a week is all I could think about! Ofcourse my heart sank...then I felt a little pissed off inside b/c why was this happening to me????...then Brad said he'd look it all up when we got home so I started to feel better, and then when he actually did look it up and research it I really started to feel better b/c my baby's NT didn't look abnormal at all. I still had to wait a week though to really find out, and I have to say its been pretty tough. I've done a lot of praying, and although our first goal is to bring a healthy baby into the world...I started to find peace in the possibility of having a child with a disability. After all every baby is a gift from GOD, and as for Brad and I...having this baby and giving it the best life in the world was our only option. So at this point I know all of you are freaking I'll get to the point.

EVERYTHING IS FINE! The doctor said our baby looks completely healthy, and basically we don't really have anything to worry about!

And...for everyone who is wondering why the heck I didn't tell them about this last week...well I didn't want you to worry too, and we really wanted to know for sure before we started sharing the news with everyone. Nothing personal I love all of you!

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