Sunday, October 18, 2009

Advice mommies?

So as most of you know baby #2 is on the way! I have a dilemma right now though. The big question buy a 2nd crib or to not buy a 2nd crib???

When baby #2 arrives Jack will be 22 months. He turns two in July, and we are due in April.

Should I get a 2nd crib, or try to move Jack to a big boy bed?

I could try and keep the new baby in the port a crib for a few months, but by the time he/she is 3 months I like to make the switch and put them in their own rooms, so Jack would have to switch to a big boy bed at 2 years old.

Will he be too young? What do ya'll think?

Also...if this baby is a girl...I'm REALLY going to want to have a girl nursery all decorated and ready :) If its a boy, then Jack's nursery would just stay the same and he'd move out to a big boy room.


Haley said...

We moved Mad at 20 months and she did great. I think it helped avoid the "you are kicked out of your bed as soon as lil' bro gets here" problem... It also gave her time to adjust to the bed before we were too busy with the baby. But then again kids are resilient and we worry about this stuff way too much! lol. It just depends on Jack and what you think is best for him :)

Adrienne said...

We kept Grayson in his crib when Bella was born. He was 22 months. When he turned two we switched to a big boy bed. Grayson started getting out of his bed in the middle of the night so with Bella we are planning on keeping her in her crib until 2 1/2. We also bought the 4 in 1 crib so each bed just grows with that child. Haley is right it all just depends on the child. I read somewhere that you can leave them in their crib up until 3.

Laura said...

I wanted to transition Kaia about 2 months before Laila was born. Kaia started climbing out of her crib at about 15 months though, a little more than 3 months before Laila was born. Her crib converts to a toddler bed, but she wouldn't sleep in it that way (she knew it was her old bed, but *wrong*). We would find her sleeping on the floor or a futon that we had in her room. After a few nights of that, I just folded down the futon and put her to bed on it.

For the 1st 2 months, Laila slept in our room. Then, the girls and I spent 2 months at my parents' house, where both girls mostly slept in my bed (Laila wasn't a fan of the portable crib). After the trip, we transitioned Laila to sleeping in her crib by herself. Now, she sleeps in her crib in the same room as Kaia.

(1) We can't put both girls in the room awake at night for them to put themselves to sleep, or they will never go to sleep. We have to put Kaia to bed at 8, put Laila to sleep downstairs, then put her into her crib already asleep around 10. Not good!
(2) When one has a sleepless night or wakes up in the night, the girls feed off of each other and it's worse than if each were in her own room.
(3) Kaia is at a more independent age. She can play in her room alone for a little while and dress herself some - so, before Laila moved into her room, she had free access to some clothes and toys. When Laila moved in, we had to make sure there was nothing that Kaia could put into the crib with Laila (stuffed animals, clothes) that were safe for Kaia's stage, but not for Laila.

If we had 3 bedrooms here, I am certain that I would have the girls in separate rooms!

Anyway, that's just my experience. We're about to take another 2-months trip to visit my parents, so wish me luck. I'm sure you will figure out the perfect transition for Jack (and you)!

Christa Mc said...

we moved Audrey around 2 and it was no big deal. I agree with Haley - we worry about it way more they do. I did the same thing and moved her a few months before baby came so it wouldn't be a big deal like the baby stole her bed from her. Audrey has never had a problem getting out and every kid is so different - how they react. The first week was an adjustment but stay consistent in making them stay in the bed and you won't have to fight that battle for long. We don't allow audrey to sleep with us - even though i think it would be fun at times.. We just knew her personality and if we start it then it would be the new "routine" - anyway you're the only expert on your child and you know what is best for him. I would move him now to a big boy bed and give the baby the crib (if it was me). Get him to help pick out his big boy room stuff and be all excited about it. We also used the opportunity of "transition" to take the paci away at the same time. We told her only baby's take a paci and when you sleep in a big girl bed you cannot have a paci. Transistion was fairly easy since we are hell-bent on not giving in. We are the "cold turkey" type that are like once it is gone, it's gone. She stopped asking only after 2 days. Good luck with all of the NEW and exciting changes ahead!