Monday, November 2, 2009

What a wonderful week!

Brad had a week off for vacation last week, and after much debating on what we should do we decided to spend time in Lake Charles with our familly AND take a mini trip just the two of us. We headed to Lake Charles for a couple of nights, and then Brad and I left for New Orleans for 3 nights while our parents kept Jack for us. It was so great to be back in the city we love so much. We ate and ate and ate! One day we ate at Commander's Palace where I had the best bread pudding souflee I've ever had! Then another night we ate at Muriel's which I have to say was fantastic! We also hit up all of our neighborhood favorites too! Other than eating we just hung out...we went to the bookstore and coffeeshop which are two of our favorite things to do. We still make a point to still do them, but I have to say its much more relaxing for me when I can just sit in a big comfy chair with a few books and magazines and read rather than chase a little munchkin around :) We also spent a lot of time hanging out in the French Quarter making sure to enjoy my oh so favorite beignets and coffee...mmmmm. It was so nice to just relax and be with Brad. I do have to say that I missed Jack ALOT. I was very happy to get away and just as happy to get back to him!

When we got back to Lake Charles it was time to start thinking about Halloween! Jack dressed up like a cowboy, and I just know he was the cutest cowboy around! We've been reading Halloween books and we even practiced trick or treating so he was completely ready for the big night. He absolutely LOVED it! He understood what to do too! It was so cute watching him walk up and hold his bucket up for people to put treats in it, then he would look inside to see what he precious! (*most of my good pics are on my mom's camera so there will be more pics to come)
Trunk or Treat with cousin Marianna!

Oh did these babies love suckers!!!

Brad wearing Jack's hat because Jack wouldn't keep it on!

Playing basketball...have I mentioned before that Jack LOVES LOVES balls. He throws them overhand and pretty far!

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