Monday, February 27, 2012

Where a kid should be!

Spring2012 004

I lived outside when I was little. 

Most of my memories were made there.

I love when the weather allows for my kids to play outside.  I was cooking supper and Jack ran in with the most excited voice, “Mom…you have to come see my team!” To be honest…my feet ached, I was busy, & I really didn’t feel like going to look, BUT I did and I’m so happy I did.  He was so proud & happy to show me.  I was so thankful I sucked it up & went happily to share his excitement with him. 

“They’re just kids Rebecca…,” my Dad would say.  “They don’t understand…” 

I’m so thankful for the patience he and my mom taught me…not to say it isn’t on the top of my prayer list sometimes ;)Spring2012 006

And as for Miss Madeline….I just don’t know my friends.  She is trying to potty train herself at 22 months and constantly undresses herself.  I just don’t have the energy to keep up.  So there she is folks…outside with no pants on.  At least her shirt is long enough to cover the goods.

Madeline has been talking up a storm lately. 

She calls Brad “Dad-eeeeeeee!” and his heart melts.  I love to hear her call Jack from across the house….”Ja!!!!!!!!!Ja!!!!!!” “What Maddy?….what is it Maddy?” he’ll say. He’s a good big brother.

Spring2012 008Spring2012 009

I sure do love these little monkeys…although they’ve got me more tired than I’ve been in my whole life.  I am having a baby in 3 weeks. Holy cow!

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