Thursday, February 9, 2012

Every post seems to be titled…

Something like…living life, going with the flow, etc.  I sit down to blog and its all I can think to title my posts because we are sort of just living life.  Our days are pretty much the same…

Gym, bring Jack to school, pick him up, grocery stores, chick a way with our best friends(what Jack calls it), trying to keep my house clean while becoming more and more pregnant in case it shows, but it never does, and playing either babies/kitchen/pirates/or airplanes.  It’s pretty awesome I’d say.

We are all very excited about little Brennan who is planned to arrive in about 5 weeks.  We pretty much have everything ready.  Every other day Jack tells me, “I’m so excited for baby Brennan to come.”  Maddy just enjoys looking through his clothes and saying “baby!!!! baby!!!! awww…baby!!!”

Jack had “Rodeo Day” at school last week.  I bought him a pair of cowboy boots which he LOVES.  When he was getting ready he cocked his hip and said, “Momma cowboys do this!” while he tapped his foot!

FEB 007FEB 010FEB 020FEB 026

He said, “Come on Maddy…let’s dance!” And, my heart melted!

FEB 030FEB 031

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