Saturday, January 28, 2012

Goin’ with the flow around here!


Madeline is so different from Jack.  She can almost dress herself, she has an opinion when it comes to what she should wear to go out & for bed, and she’s been putting on shoes since she was 1 yrs. old.  She has recently started putting on Jack’s shoes, which he doesn’t even do at almost four!  She thinks its so funny & we just go with the flow :)



This is what you get when your Daddy dresses you!  Madeline was a little sick this day as you can see in the above picture.  Even though her outfit didn’t quite coordinate perfectly it was still so cute & she loved it! And, I’ll say it again…when Daddy takes the time to dress the kids…I most definitely just go with the flow :)


Ah…that’s better sweet girl!  Love that sweet smile!


And, will someone please save me from the combination of my kids & iPhones!!!!!  At first it was like…oh this is awesome…entertainment.  Now that its become an obsession & the beginning of tantrums when a game is too hard & my calls are starting to get silenced before I know the phone rang…I’m seriously about done with my kids and iproducts.  Actually…whatever…I’m 32 weeks pregnant & accreta free btw & kind of just giving in to whatever…and going with the flow-happily I might add.  I’m so happy in this life.

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