Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby Jesus was born!

Christmas was more about the birth of our savior this year than anything else, and I Ioved knowing that Jack understood that.  We explained to him what Christmas was really all about and he took in all the details and surprised us to tell you the truth.  Before we knew it he could retell the whole story and would randomly talk about how excited he was that baby Jesus was going to be born.  Madeline on the other hand…just went with the flow :)   

Christmas eve and morning were so exciting because Jack totally understood that Santa was coming to leave him presents and he was just tickled to death about it.  It was precious! 

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Getting ready for Christmas Eve mass! Notice my belly is definitely growing!  I’m 29 weeks now….so 10 weeks to go since I’ll be have another c-section at 39 weeks!  We are so excited for Brennan’s arrival!

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Making cookies for Santa with MiMi!  The kids loved every part of making & decorating the cookies.  In fact…my kids love to cook!  They pull chairs up to the counter at every opportunity to help me cook. 

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Nana & MiMi with the kids! So sweet!

Fall 2011 448

Santa brought Madeline all the baby stuff in the world.  She absolutely loves taking care of her babies.  Brad and I love to watch her in action.  Its so sweet and natural!

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Jack playing with his new remote control Lightning McQueen!

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