Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maddy Grace

Fall 2011 545

Madeline is probably going to be my only little girl.

I could cry thinking about it, but we’ve pretty much decided to make Brennan our last little monkey. 

I guess since I opened that can of worms…I need to give some details.  To be honest with everyone I’ll say I don’t enjoy pregnancy at all-I’m so sick for the first four months, I get huge, I’m uncomfortable most of the time, etc.-but I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I know for sure…IT’S COMPLETELY WORTH IT!  I have c-sections which aren’t that big of a deal unless of course you fall into that small percentage of people who do have problems.  Such a small percentage, never thought it would include me, but it just might with this pregnancy, and that is why we are making the decision to end our baby making days.

I have an anterior placenta.  Not a big deal unless you’ve had prior c-sections, and in that case if the placenta has attached over or near your previous scar you could develop placenta accreta, which is when the placenta burrows too deep into the uterine wall.  When that happens its difficult to deliver the placenta and there’s a lot of bleeding and to control it they usually have to do a hysterectomy.  We don’t know if my placenta is attached near my scar yet, and we are praying it isn’t, but with all this on our minds we’ve pretty much decided it might be best to stop with monkey #3.  With every c-section all these risks increase and the biggest jump is from c-section #3 to #4.  So far we have 3 beautiful healthy children and 1 healthy momma and we really want to keep it that way :)  As sad as it is for me, the more I talk about it the more peace I find in our decision.

So there you have it!  We are done with Brennan, and Maddy is my only little girl.  One little girl that is really starting to rule the roost.  She’s got both of us wrapped around her finger!  She’s sweet, cuddly, very feisty, has some serious attitude, and hilarious!  We feel so blessed to have at least one little girl! We of course LOVE our boys too~they are another ball game-and an absolute blast!  

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Kate Dawson said...

God knows what your family needs. Your Daddy is interceding for you!