Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!


Easter2012 026

What a few weeks it’s been!  We have been so busy :) It’s been great though…especially with the help of our Nana, Pop Pop & Mimi! We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents who truly went ABOVE & BEYOND what we ever intended them to do while helping us transition to a family of 5!

Easter2012 024

This weekend we took the kids to our neighborhood EASTER EGG HUNT! It was super fun & a perfect reason to get the kids dressed up and snap some cute pics!

Easter2012 035

Don’t worry Brennan wasn’t harmed during this picture!

Easter2012 066

Miss Madeline Grace! Madeline is getting so big and actually turning two in a couple of days…she’s been terribly two for about two weeks now ;) but we still love her!  She’s just learning to be independent…and with that comes a lot of “No’s” and little big tantrums when we attempt to get in her way of doing things in any sort of fashion.

Easter2012 071

She is really cute, and that helps the situation!

Easter2012 076Easter2012 080

Jack has been such a great big brother! He tells me all the time “I’m so happy Baby Brennan came out of your belly!” and “I love him he’s so cute!”  Jack is getting to be such a big boy.  He’s turning four in July and that’s just too old…

Easter2012 090

Oh Brennan! He is such an angel…newborns are so easy! He just hangs out with us all the time, sleeps & eats :) We are enjoying him so much!

Easter2012 112

Did I mention that Maddy has a head full of curls…this little girl has some super curly hair.  It has to be styled 3x a day in order to not turn into a rat’s nest…


Kate Dawson said...

Perhaps our two little two-year-old missies should get together and be sassy some time this summer!

heliosilvars said...

is very sad and moving your account. you have my sympathy.
God bless you!