Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crawfish Boil

Brad always wanted to have a crawfish boil here in San Antonio since most of the residents and our friends have never had crawfish before.  It dawned on us that our last chance to do it happened to be the weekend before my c-section since Brad’s parent’s were coming in town and could bring live crawfish.  So we had a crawfish boil on Saturday, and I had Brennan on Monday.  I was super pregnant, but it was totally worth it.  We had a blast!

CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 001

We rented a bounce house, but to be honest the kids had more fun playing with the live crawfish!

CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 007CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 011CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 016CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 034CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 043CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 057CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 065CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 069CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 093

Me and my friend Tiffany!

CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 101

Last picture as a family of four!

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