Friday, May 25, 2012

Dancing in the rain…

I’ve seen this quote tons of times, and I’ve always thought it was great, but now I can say I know how important the message is.

"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain."


To all my readers…you may have been wondering where I’ve been, or perhaps you know exactly where I’ve been :)

Three kiddos, a house on the market, the process of building our house in Florida, and the countless hours I’ve spent on the phone settling insurance/house/rental/school stuff HAS TOTALLY ROCKED MY WORLD.  


I thought I had seen tough times, but what I’m learning is there will always be something happening.  SO-although its been pouring I’ve been trying to learn to DANCE IN THE RAIN : ) But, those who know me best know I’m not very coordinated~very scattered brained~and can’t control my emotions for anything.

The other day I seriously sobbed through an entire spinning class…filled with emotions from every direction. It was quite therapeutic.  I laugh thinking about myself doing that, but it’s the truth, and I share it with you…just to show you that embarrassing life meltdowns can happen to us all. Luckily it was dark and no one probably noticed.

Leaving the place where we started our family, moving to a new place where I know no one, and thinking about the fact that despite my attempts to deny it…Brad will be deploying within the year---I’ve found myself panicked. I will survive it, but I’m going to have to DIG DEEP.

On another note-here are pictures of my sweet peas and what we’ve been up to lately…

Spring2012 009Spring2012 024Spring2012 032Spring2012 040maddy 2nd bday 046maddy 2nd bday 066maddy 2nd bday 150

Madeline turned 2! We had a small family birthday party and it was awesome…short, simple, sweet & EASY!

maddy 2nd bday 160maddy 2nd bday 187maddy 2nd bday 206

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Haley said...

wow! i had no idea you were moving! good luck to you guys! i can only imagine the stress you must be feeling, hang in there :) kids are precious as usual! hope to catch up with you in LC this summer!