Thursday, March 18, 2010

mommies ONLY :) I need your advice....

Okay all my mommy friends....VBAC or repeat c-section????? I'm really having a hard time deciding. After all the research we've done, for me, no one way is better or safer or thats what we'd be doing :) Both options have their risks. SO, any thoughts would be helpful....

My thoughts on VBAC
  • Quick recovery...especially since I'll only have help for the first two weeks post partum
  • Just the experience of having my baby naturally(with an epidural of course)
  • No worries for future births(placenta attachment issues become more common with more c-sections, we definitely want three gets more worrisome with the fourth baby which we aren't sure if we want to have, but I get unsure about ruling it out--people have four c-sections all the time, but your risks increase 3x with a fourth baby for placenta problems so it would be a risk)
  • nervous about the possible damage that can be done down there...if you are brave enough...I really want to know the truth
  • uterine rupture & detachment DOES happen--I would be closely monitored, but an emergency c-section could occur--while most of the time everything turns out okay, some do result in really bad stuff
  • get to have my baby girl with me right away

My thoughts on repeat c-section

  • can be planned
  • uterine rupture or detachment is less concerning
  • its a thats always more risky
  • longer recovery
  • scar tissue build up later in life with the more c-sections you have--can cause all kinds of problems
  • increase my risks for placenta attachement issues for my next baby or babies

Okay...bring it on...ANY thoughts I'll take them! I'll take some prayers too for us to make the right decision :)


geauxcory said...

Becky, If I were in your situation, I think I'd go VBAC. As long as the doctor feels that it is safe for you and the baby, the experience of a natural birth is totally worth it. The damage "down there" is different for everyone, of course. But it heals just like everything else. Oh, and I vote for an epidural too. It makes the experience so much more enjoyable. You don't even realize there is damage "down there" until they tell you. Of course, if the doctor feels like a VBAC is risky for you, I would go C-section without any doubts. Ultimately, safety is more important than experience.

Jabara Krew said...

I always thought that I'd want a C-section, but I'm so grateful that I got to experience natural child birth (with an epidural of course). The feeling of pushing Cole out was amazing and like no other feeling ever.
If the doctor thinks it's safe for you and the baby, then I'd try for a VBAC. From the sounds of your blog, it seems like she's going to come naturally and then hopefully the decision will be made for you.
As for the recovery "down there" that was by far the worst part for me. They spent a lot of time stitching and it's really uncomfortable for a while (like 3 weeks) and then at my 6 week appointment I had some scar tissue that didn't heal properly and it had to be burned off (not exactly a joyous moment), but it was all worth it for that wonderful feeling.
Good luck with your decision! Can't wait to see little Madi!

Kate said...

Hey Rebecca,

So I know I am late to this whole VBAC-repeat section thing and you already have the section scheduled but her are my 2 cents, just because.

Lily was a repeat section and I had a MUCH more pleasany experience with her than with Jackson. I found that the recovery was much quicker. I was up and walking within 12 hours instead of 24-36 with him. I found that if you get the duramorph, and walk sooner rather than later, it was WAY easier.

After reading about Lindsay' down there recovery, I don't know if I could go through that. I have a lot of friends too that complain about the recovery down there for 2-3 weeks and I found with Lily that once the initial pain of standing and sitting in 3 days or so wore off, I was fine getting around and was off pain meds by day 5 entirely.

Anyway, having skipped the VBAC I don't know if I would go any way other than the section in the future. Plus you through in the risk of ruptured uterus v placenta probs I certainly go for repeat. Hope Madi is doing well and can't wait to see pics. Hang in there until Monday, and if you're water breaks, you can always still go for the section :)