Friday, March 19, 2010

well my friends...

Today I'm 36 weeks pregnant & I went to the doctor for a routine appt. I've been having some pretty strong contractions at night that keep me up, but I've kind of ignored them b/c I felt like it I'm in labor eventually I'll know :) They've always gone away...teasing me, but they've gotten pretty painful the last couple of days(cramping & pains in my thighs & lower back pain) so I mentioned it to the doctor, and she decided to check me out to see if anything was going on.

Well ladies & gentlemen...I'm 1 cm dilated, 75% effaced & my cervix is soft & ready. When she told me this...I said what!!??? Considering the fact that I was long and closed and my cervix never did anything with Jack I was quite suprised. Also, my water broke with Jack at 1 cm now I'm nervous about being that girl in Target whose water breaks in front of everyone. I know every pregnancy is different...but I can't help my thoughts. Anyways, since I'm 36 wks...I'm going back to check on things at 37 wks rather than 38 wks. We did schedule a c-section for April 12th, but if I go into labor before then and things are moving along well I might try for a depends on how I"m feeling at the moment :)

So for now I leave you with a slight bit of panic b/c I'VE GOT LOTS TO DO before this little girl arrives.

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SANDY said...

WOW Rebecca...I know you must be going crazy with all the things you were planning on doing in the next month while you're waiting but I'm sure you're equally excited that it looks like you'll be meeting her soon...and if I were you I would probably try for a VBAC too if it looked like things were going okay...and I'm sure you remember seeing me in the hospital after Braylon so I can't say it's not painful after wards when the epidural wears off but it'll all be worth it!