Thursday, April 1, 2010


hi everyone. yes, i'm still pregnant :)

when i found out i was one cm dilated...ofcourse i came home and went to and typed in 36 weeks and 1 cm dilated to come to find out that many many people stay 1 cm dilated for weeks sometimes. so i said oh well...i guess we'll see. tomorrow i'll be 38 weeks...and my belly is still here.

i did have an intersting weekend though. last week jack got the stomach bug, and then friday night i started feeling yucky and sat. morning i was really feeling yucky and then i started having cramps and then contractions along with TERRIBLE back pain so when i found myself laying in my bed crying b/c i hurt so bad(brad was at work) i decided maybe i needed to go in. so i did. i was having contractions 3-7 minutes apart with back pain(which we think might be do to the baby facing up rather than down). they said we are going to check your urine just to make sure you aren't dehydrated since you've been nauseated...and boy was i dehydrated, so i got some IV fluids and the contractions went away :) :( for a little while i thought i was going to have my baby, but then my labor said just kidding. i was sick for a few days and brad actually gave me some IV fluids at home so I wouldn't have to go in again. it was strange....but convenient.

since i've gotten better i've been doing great. i'm done...being pregnant that is...i can't move around well anymore and i don't like i'm definitely ready, but I'll have to wait one more week i guess. unless ofcourse i go into labor before then. we'll keep u posted.

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