Monday, April 5, 2010

what do you love to do?

last year you may have remembered that we built a garden.  lets just say that i learned A LOT about gardening.  i often found myself googling things like “yellow leaves on basil plant” “brown spot on bottom of tomato” “small white bug on squash plant” “hollowed out squash stems” and it went on and on.  I quickly learned that there is an art to gardening, and after a pretty much failed garden I almost gave up this year. 

this year spring started to roll around and I kept looking out at my barren garden…trying to decide if i would attempt it again this year. the planting season was starting to creep up, and i felt very tired & pregnant.  I almost had myself convinced that I shouldn’t attempt it again this year…after all I proved last year that I had no green thumb.  BUT--lately I’ve found myself thinking about what is it that I want in my life…what makes me happy? what are the things that are important to me…on my life’s to do list you know?  well—to have a garden is one of them and I decided I CAN’T GIVE UP!  what do you want to do in your life???? what is it that you love? now is the time to go out and do it! if not now when? if you fail the first time try again :)

so—here are a few things out of my garden so far this year :) hopefully it will do better than last years! 19months 006 19months 005

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