Saturday, April 10, 2010

It’s getting close!

It’s closer than it’s ever been!  I’ve managed to stay 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced for 3 1/2 weeks :) Imagine that! We are going to be meeting Madeline in less than 48 hours!  I can’t explain how I feel right now…excited, nervous, but mostly excited to finally meet my little girl.  I don’t think it will hit me until I”m holding her, and even then it may not feel real.  Everything has gone by so fast!  I think I have everything ready…all I have to do is pack a few extra things tomorrow.  The c-section is scheduled for Monday morning at 10AM.  I’m gonna try to get Brad home as soon as possible to get some pics put up, but I”m making no promises as to when that will be.  Here are few little things I added to the nursery. 

PreparingforMadeline 004PreparingforMadeline 002

This is the gown and booties I will be taking her home in!  Thank you Aunt Kelly for the sweet gift!  Jack was playing with the booties the other day, and I found him in the living room saying “be be….shoes” as he was trying to put them on his baby :)

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