Friday, July 23, 2010


It’s been one week since my Dad’s surgery, and he’s still on a ventilator, feeding tube & isn’t very responsive. Sometimes he will open his eyes and squeeze our hands…and I still haven’t gotten used to seeing him this way. I don’t think I ever will. Since he still wasn’t very responsive they checked to make sure his stroke didn’t do more damage than we’d thought. The tests came out good and it looks like there is still only min. damage due to the stroke. He is starting to develop pneumonia(sp?) which is all the more reason to get him off the ventilator. He has to wake up more to do that though. If he doesn’t they are thinking of putting in a trach…hopefully we don’t have to do that.

The doctors say we’ll take one step forward and two back for awhile.. Keep praying guys!

This journey is by far harder than I ever thought, but my family is staying strong and we believe God is looking out us…We love you Dad!


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