Saturday, December 18, 2010

The secrets to life…

Yesterday was our FIVE year anniversary.

I'm still in love with Brad like I was the day I married him.  Just sitting here right now I get tears in my eyes thinking of just how much he means to me. The way he loves our kids…and how excited they get when he gets home…how much he means to them.

The first moment I met brad and he smiled at me I knew I'd marry him one at first sight is real.  I remember trying to describe him to my parents..."his eyes sparkle...I don't know how to describe him!" I’m just as giddy five years later :)

He is absolutely the most beautiful person I know (0f course he is the sexiest thing on earth and as good-looking as they come...and those legs(I just love them) and have you ever noticed that little butt? And those curls that my fingers can't get enough of!)….but looks aren't what I'm talking about today. Today I want to share with you what Brad has shared with me these past five years….

The secrets to life.

There are quite a few, but a few come to mind right away….

Make the most of every situation/day/moment.  Don't fret if things don't go the way as planned...get broken...get ruined...if it all falls apart...make the best of it.  If you can't change it...embrace it. Enjoy life...because you are living it right now if things are going the way you wanted or not. 

Give people the benefit of the doubt...don't take things probably wasn't about you.

Don't be selfish..sometimes you have to make initial sacrifices to make others happy.  This one is crazy because if you do this you'll find you are happier...a deeper happiness.

These secrets as I call them aren't always easy to follow, but some how you always show me that you can really live your life like this...its inspiring and beautiful. Thank you.

Thank you...thank you for being an amazing husband...a dad that our kids adore...and a person who truly brightens everyone’s day!

I can't believe five years have gone by...what a beautiful family we've made...I just can't imagine all the years to come!  Happy anniversary sweet love!

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