Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today is better

This morning I woke up and feel so much better! Last night brad got home, and we all went to the bookstore(one of our FAVORITE places to go) even now that we have kiddos. We always have so much fun! This trip was extra special because brad bought me the most chocolatey heavenly drink even had whipped cream and white chocolate shavings on top and at the bottom there were huge chunks of chocolate...not sure what they call this drink...he said he made it up! Then he played with the kids in the kid section while I wondered through the bookstore...alone. It was the perfect "getaway" although it didn't last long because after browsing I found myself missing my little family and wondering what they were up to upstairs...what books were they reading...I bet Jack is having a ball...and mady is probably sitting so cute just smiling like her happy self...and then I thanked god for all the blessings I have! When I found them they were all just as happy as I was imagining too!

FYI...this morning I had to go buy girl items if you will...

It all makes sense now...I wasn't a lunatic yesterday because I'm really a lunatic...damn mother nature...she makes me look bad!

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Katherine Anne said...

Girl... you are not alone! Satan really likes to pay attention to us looking for the moment we say we have a renewed trust in God. That's so he can say, "Oh really? Watch this!" BAM. Lucky for us God is so much bigger than we are. He loves you exactly the way you are. If you need an ear... call me.