Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thanksgiving…a little late :)

I’m finally home after 6 weeks of being in Houston(Brad was doing an away rotation) and then two weeks in Lake Charles for Christmas.

We had a wonderful Christmas btw…hope you did too. Christmas will come in a few days…today I have to get Thanksgiving out of the way.

We went to Kinder, LA for Thanksgiving, which is where my mom is from.  It was a beautiful day…and Jack LOVED being in the country! We went to my cousins house…and ate waaayyy too much good food!

Fall2010 036Fall2010 044Fall2010 055Fall2010 059

Jack and Marianna looking at the goldfish in the water trough.

Fall2010 073

Jack loved being out here…I think he thought he was at the zoo!

Fall2010 080Fall2010 081Fall2010 087Fall2010 112Fall2010 122

This is the barn in the back of my aunts house!  Beautiful right?

Fall2010 130

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