Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Loves

Jack and Madeline…are my little loves.  They are such a handful at times, but still so much fun!  Jack has been HILARIOUS lately!  Here’s our latest funny conversation:

J: Momma, can we go to McDonald’s and play on playground…make Jack happy.

Me: Maybe we can go get a cheeseburger or chicken and ketchup…which would you like?

J: I want tacos Momma.

Me: McDonalds doesn’t have tacos honey.

J: Maybe we can go home and make tacos…is that a good idea Momma?

Me: (laughing) That’s a great idea!

I’m currently looking for a preschool for Jack next Fall…it’s a tiring process! I’m so picky being a past teacher, so that makes it soooo much harder! We have a few front runners, but we’ll see if I’ll really be able to let my munchkin go!  It would only be part time Tues./Thurs. 9-2…that’s not so bad…right?

Madeline is still allergic to something…we see the allergist next week.  We are thinking it’s milk. We’ll see! 

Here is the story of Jack and Madeline…it’s a love/hate relationship.  Madeline is a drama queen.  Seriously…she makes a bigger deal out of most things, but to her defense she never knows what Jack is going to do.  Here are two photo shoots…and they both turned out the same way…Madeline screaming and Jack fiddling with her, so here you go!

2011 0042011 0192011 0222011 0292011 030

He’s trying to be nice right here, but she wants nothing of it! I guess the damage had already been done!

2011 0322011 1092011 110

Again..same scenario…Jack trying to make up for whatever he may have done…he has no idea sometimes b/c sometimes he hasn’t done ANYTHING…and she just screams because she is sure he’s about to!

2011 131

Jack tries his best to tolerate Madeline’s new mobility!  She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything which means she is in to HIS stuff!

2011 1402011 151

I want you to take a close look at Madeline’s face in this picture…the face of determination!  She’s always making this face…it’s making me nervous!!!!  She’s so sweet natured…yet so determined to get what she wants!

2011 158

And here is sweet Jack…he’s completely innocent…can’t you tell?

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AmberV said...

Sounds like my two little ones, except Landry does NOT try her hardest to be patient with Eli. It's a constant battle. LOL