Friday, January 21, 2011

Decorative candles...

Decorative candles...need to be used. I was looking at two fabulous candle holders in my bedroom...and I stopped for a minute...and thought why on earth haven't those candles been lit since I bought them two years ago?

I was keeping them...they were decorative...not meant to be used I guess.

Why? What was I saving them for? I think the real question is...WHO was I saving them for? Was I waiting for someone to tour my home...specifically walk into my bedroom and notice these beautiful candles that were perfectly new...never having been lit. Would they think to themselves...she has a nice home...pretty nice NEW things...would that make them think more of me? did I really care?

I'm not sure if that's what I've been picturing in my mind all these years...if that was the reason I hadn't used them or not. Maybe I'm afraid to admit to myself that I was saving them to look pretty..for whom? Maybe I was...not realizing it.

You can't take your things with you to heaven. All the beautiful special people in my life wouldn't care if those candles were melted down the sides...they've all been in my room before anyways by now. They probably haven't even noticed those candles all perfect and nice and new. If they had...maybe they wondered why I hadn't used them.

I love candles. When I was in college I never had candles for decoration. I had them all around my room...contantly replacing them after they'd burned till they could burn no more. Brad and I spent many nights laying in my room, listening to DMB programmed on my CD player to play all our favorites over and over again, enjoying the scent of patchouli and the glow on our faces from CANDLELIGHT. Studying of course...

I never saved candles back then...they weren't decorative things. What had changed since then?

I lit those candles tonight...instead of a programmed CD it was the times have changed!

I'm not waiting anymore...I'm not taking those candles to heaven. Was I saving them for my kids one day?

Life is RIGHT NOW. Go light your candles.

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Amanda said...

I adore your final statement. In fact, it is so brilliantly simple it should be a campaign. I love reading your blog and I love that you seem totally happy even when things go wrong because you have Jesus! I will continue to pray for you... but continue to light your candles!!! Because, REBA- you are a light to the world! *Mandy