Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A night to remember…

It was indeed…a night to remember!

Brad and I, along with lots of family, went out for New Year’s Eve!  We had sooo much fun! Apparently I danced the night away…right into the New Year! 

A New Year where less is more folks!

I’m already loving my New Year’s resolution…I have a pile high of clothes in my closet that will be finding their way out of my house by the end of this week hopefully.  I’ve paused shopping for awhile until I have organized what I already have and LOVE of course.  If you remember, if I don’t LOVE it…it’s leaving my life.  It actually feels good to not be spending money…its sort of a relief in a way…I get the urge to go shopping and then I say to myself…no you already have tons of stuff that you need to get through before you buy more, then I head home and go through stuff and organize and donate and yes, throw some things away.

You know that feeling when you throw stuff away? It’s like a natural high. You get the same feeling when you donate too…and plan for garage sales!

Here are some pictures of the beginning of my new year.


I had already found my special place in this picture! Isn’t this hilarious? I was a little hesitant to put it up…but it just makes me laugh! Hopefully it makes you laugh too!


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erin b. said...

Happy to see you dancing! Love you!!