Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My babies are growing!

Fall2010 047

*Notice Madeline’s arm…she constantly holds her arms out! Its so funny!

Madeline is almost 9 months old! I haven’t given updates on her in FOREVER, so I’ll try to cut to the chase. 

Food: Hates baby food/loves table foods…especially sweet potatoes. Still breastfeeding..took a bottle for a week or so and then QUIT COLD TURKEY on me….so we are just gonna breastfeed until she can switch to whole milk.  If you didn’t catch it on FB, Madeline is highly allergic to strawberries we believe.  We’ll be doing allergy testing in a couple of weeks!

Sleep: Wakes up anywhere from 1-5 times a night.  While we were away we were all sleeping in the same room, and that really messed her sleep schedule up. Its been better since we got home though.

Play: LOVES to play rough! She is into everything…especially snuggling.  Jack never snuggled like Madeline.  Brad and I can’t get enough of her love…she’ll just snuggle with you and it’s the best thing ever!  She is almost pulling up and crawling too!

Speech:  She can say “DaDa”, “Da” (dog), “at” (cat), “ba ba” (bye bye)

Fall2010 051Fall2010 158

Jack is about 2 1/2 now…how the time flies! I find myself saying that a lot lately. He is such a big boy! We’ve started potty training, and its going okay.  Sometimes he’s completely into it and other times he refuses to use the potty…I’m just going with the flow. 

His speech is exploding…he carries on full conversations with us using full sentences.  Sometimes we don’t even know where he gets the phrases or words he’s using! The other day he roughed his sister up a little…and Brad was putting him in time out and he said, “I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to do it. It wasn’t my fault.” We were holding our faces trying not to laugh. 

Jack still loves to be outside, but with the cold weather and rain…he’s found himself happy inside with his---TRAIN TABLE! It’s been the best purchase I’ve ever made…it’s such an open ended toy and he LOVES it!  He also got a kitchen from Santa that he fully enjoys too!  Anything that moves(trains, cars, trucks, planes) he loves.  He also loves his “git” which means gun(nerf gun or water gun).  He likes to play shoot us and we have to fall down.  The cycle never ends, so right now the “git” is missing.

He still has the same schedule…great sleeper and napper! We still go to the gym a lot, which he loves b/c he gets to play with other kids.  He’s been telling me lately he wants to go to school though…I’m thinking of putting him in some sort of Child Development Center for the fall…I guess…my chest gets tight thinking about it.  He’ll be 3 this summer though, and he’s so ready for it! Maybe just two days a week…we’ll see!

Fall2010 177

Helping Mimi decorate the tree!

Fall2010 199

Every year Brad’s sister, Christie, has a Christmas Eve brunch where you have to wear your pajamas! It’s so much fun…and there is always good food! Here are my little munchkins!

Fall2010 261

Cute sweet picture….

Fall2010 269

a little football action…

Fall2010 271


Fall2010 272

Now why’d you have to do that????

Fall2010 316

Jack in his new Thomas the Train tent!!!

Fall2010 331Fall2010 335

Madeline enjoying her Christmas Eve gifts from family!!! Finally some pink toys!!!

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