Monday, September 17, 2012

Jack’s 4th Birthday

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My little man turned four on July 9th!  I know it’s late to be blogging about it, but now that life has settled down I’m trying to catch up!

The first few birthday parties I threw were big ones.  The last few I’ve thrown have been small ones, and I’ll admit it’s been kind of nice.  I love celebrating with friends and family, but small family parties aren’t too bad!  For Madeline’s birthday I was postpartum and still very much recovering.  For Jack’s we had just moved to Niceville and we were exhausted and really didn’t know anyone yet.  Mimi happened to be in town visiting so she celebrated with us, and we had a blast.  I actually have found that I get to enjoy these birthday parties a lot better because I’m not entertaining, cleaning, coordinating, etc.  But, I’m pretty sure the big parties will be in full swing for next year! We’ve already met so many great friends & I look forward to celebrating with them too~

For Jack’s 4th he requested STAR WARS!  He wanted everything STAR WARS and currently has a request for his new room to be decorated in STAR WARS.  It was a nice evening…we had everything decorated when he woke up from his nap and just let him set the pace.  We had cake before dinner, opened presents, then made his favorite meal “Mimi’s Roast & Rice n Gravy.”  We had so much fun just hanging out and playing with his new toys.  I felt a little guilty about not having a big party with friends, etc. until at the end of the night he told me, “Mom this was the BEST birthday ever!” 

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Jack & Brad in Darth Vader disguise! Darth Vader is the current request for Halloween….so I’m trying to decide if I’ll make Madeline Princess Leia & Brennan Yoda : ) We’ll see!  I’m not sure Princess Leia is the princess Madeine has in mind!

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Seriously this little boy is so dang sweet!  I can’t believe he’s four already!

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