Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life’s happenings…


These are pictures from my facebook that I uploaded from my phone.  I somehow lost my charger for my camera’s battery…so I haven’t been able to load all my pics on to my computer.  I have a new one ordered, so hopefully it will be here soon! 

I miss blogging.

I have been so busy lately!  Three kids doesn’t leave much free time these days.  Right now they are all three napping, so I decided to try and catch you guys up on our life these days~I should probably be folding clothes, washing bottles, picking up the house, organizing the kid’s stuff for school tomorrow & planning supper…but I suppose it can all wait.

We are doing awesome in our new life. 

Our little family is really enjoying Niceville.  The kids started school, and they love it! So do I ;)  Jack goes Mon-Thurs. and Madeline goes Tues & Thurs.  Jack didn’t start preschool until he was three, but with a deployment coming up I decided to get Madeline into a part time program in case I needed the break…or to go to the doctor, or grocery shopping, etc.  We did find out that deployment will probably not be until next summer…but part time preschool turns out to be a fabulous thing for Miss Madeline.

You see darling little girl is 2…very 2.  While we all love her dearly she can be quite the handful sometimes, especially when combined with the other two munchkins.  Preschool has been a wonderful outlet for her and she absolutely loves it.  She is such a social butterfly and really enjoys playing with other children and organized activities. 

Since they’ve started school I’ve been able to finish things that I start.  It feels like such a luxury.  With 3 little ones I rarely was able to start something and finish it within a reasonable amount of time.  Oh the interruptions!They were abundant!I find myself more relaxed now that I have some time to work more peacefully on bills, around the house, running errands, etc.  I’ve also really enjoyed just getting to hang out with Brennan and give him more one on one time. He’s an absolute doll btw!  Brennan seriously couldn’t be a better baby.  He is so easy and go with the flow! We are just eating him up!  He’s our last if you didn’t know~I don’t really like to talk about it b/c it makes me sad, but with all things considered Brad & I both know…our family is complete!


Photo: Mimi's house!

Photo: Nola

Photo: Maddy girl

Photo: My jack!!!!

Jack is 4 years old.

He is hilarious and oh so imaginative!  He will play in pretend worlds of dinosaurs, army guys, cars or Star Wars anytime!  He really loves his baby brother Brennan and Madeline.  He’s become such a great helper & I have to remind myself that he’s just 4 years old sometimes! 

Brad is enjoying just being an anesthesiologist!  We were so happy to say goodbye to residency!  His schedule is so much better now, and he is around all the time!  It’s been so nice!

I guess that’s about it for today~~~I hope all of you are doing wonderful & and the new school year has been an easy transition :) Happy Fall!


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So funny you posted about being too busy to post...I just spent the entire evening after putting the kids to bed in order to put up 4 posts with pictures dating all the way back to February. Until tonight, I hadn't posted since Ella's newborn pics! We're fortunate that we have such little loves to keep us too busy to post :-)