Thursday, November 15, 2012

Darth Vadar, a princess & one sweet baby!

Halloween was so much fun this year! My kids got so much candy…and truthfully I just let them eat as much as they wanted when they wanted…picking my battles & just having fun is my new motto lately.  Who cares if on Halloween night and a few days after they eat a ton of candy…YOLO!! (mom, nana & pop pop this means…you only live once!)

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Yes…that is my husband…he was quite entertaining ;)  And…they kids thought it was the best thing ever!

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Baby Brennan…oh my! My little love.  My last little love btw…breaks my heart that there will be no more little babies in my life, but I know the right decision was made.  Brennan…still the happy go with the flow little guy that he’s always been who is CRAWLING now and pulling up and sitting up and clapping and just getting too big too fast! 

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It was so odd to me when Jack came up with his Star Wars fascination.  Honestly I didn’t know much about Star Wars (ask me now…I’m an expert ;) He wanted to be Darth Vader…and he took his role very seriously. Jack is 4 1/2 now, in love with building things, better than me at LEGO Batman on the PS3, doing great in school, & becoming such a sweet understanding patient little man!

Fall2012 169Fall2012 190

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My precious princess! Such a sweetie…she’s 2 1/2, potty trained, a snuggle bug with some attitude on occasion, still obsessed with babies & my little love!

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Kate Dawson said...

Brad could be on Super Troopers! The kids are beautiful as always!