Saturday, November 17, 2012

October in Florida

Fall2012 021

Oh my little people…I love you so much. These kids…I can’t believe they are mine sometimes.  It’s hard to fathom that we created a family in 4 years.  It seems like just the other day Brad was holding their sweet little warm cheeks right after birth next to me for their first momma kiss, and now they are catching their first frogs….

Fall2012 011

Jack caught his first frog in October :) And then he started to hop away, and we almost saw tears! Brad quickly explained how he wouldn’t be able to stay forever because they don’t have “houses” like us and they have to go searching for food & water.  Jack listened intently and the next morning when Mr. Frog was gone Jack said, “It’s okay Maddy he had to go find some food!” And in Madeline’s sweet little voice she said, “Oh…” It melted my heart…oh the life lessons of preschoolers!

Fall2012 066

Brennan…my little sugar! Oh my…the baby of the family he is…and I am loving ever single bit of it :)

Fall2012 077

Madeline Grace…loves Jack.  She does everything he does, and so far he’s a good sport having his little sister always in tow!

Fall2012 079

Fall2012 022

Seriously…these are my kids…they are my world!

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