Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring to summer…

The sun is shining, and we are starting to spend our afternoons outside again!  I love being outside with my kids!

spring1013 997

Madeline was giving her babies a bath in the water table!

spring1013 998

And this little monkey…he will for sure keep me on my toes this summer! 

For Easter my Mom came to visit…It was wonderful to have her here.  My kids missed her so much.  Before she came Jack told her on the phone that she could ask the guys to build her a house next to us!  (We have a lot of construction going on around our house, so surely they could build a house for MiMi, right!")  That would be dreamy : )

spring1013 1003

Brennan has learned to climb up the stairs to the top of the swing set…and he has no fear in sliding down!

spring1013 1004spring1013 1007

Neither does MiMi!!!

                           Our MiMi is awesome you know…

spring1013 1008

Look at him…he makes me so nervous! He’s pretty good at this feat though! 

spring1013 1009spring1013 1010spring1013 1012

When spring turns to summer….I am filled with so much happiness, but my heart aches as I start to relive the last few months of my Dad’s life…and the worst months of mine.  He started getting so obviously close to death around now…we were so confused and couldn’t process what was happening…and it just all kept happening. 

I don’t think any of us can wrap our brains around the fact that he is not here anymore.  Having my Mom here without him was gut wrenching.  It’s been 2 years and 8 months, and the pain is still as deep as before.  Thank goodness for my Mom & my sisters & brother & Brad & these amazing children!  They are my sunshine!

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