Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brennan turns 1!

My baby turned 1 on March 19, 2013.  Seriously….I can’t believe it! 

We celebrated my favorite way… 

It was simple.

                We were surrounded by close friends.

                                                          And we laughed a lot.

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Brad’s version of a quick bath after cake!  Brennan loved it!

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We have the best neighbors!  We are so thankful…

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And Mr. Dylon is the best tickler!

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Brennan is 1 now, and he’s walking!  He is into EVERYTHING.  He is fearless…but cautious.  He is so funny & we can’t get enough of his little raspy voice!  He doesn’t sleep through the night because I spoil him…but who cares…he’s my last baby and I can do what I want.  He loves to climb up to the top of our swing set and slide down…it scares me to death.  He will eat anything.  He loves to play in Jack’s room with all his toys.  Brennan is one loved little guy around here!  We are so thankful for such a fun little healthy buddy!

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