Monday, April 22, 2013


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We had visitors!!!! Mary, Matt, Emma, Joseph, Nana & Pop Pop came to visit!  We had such a good time despite the fact that the stomach bug went through everyone while they were here! We still managed to enjoy each other's company though!
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Look at that big brother and big sister watching out for their little brother…so sweet!
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My Jack is turning five this summer and going to kindergarten in the fall.  I’m not ready.
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Brad just finished his oral boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously since I’ve been with Brad he’s always been studying.  Playing the guitar, watching the kids play, driving in the car, at the beach, at the playground, watching evening tv, you name it…ALWAYS A BOOK IN HIS HAND.  THIS WIFE IS OVER IT…and I am so happy for him to be able to just enjoy life without thinking about studying.  He doesn’t have to take another test for 10 years.  WOW.  He actually gets his scores back in JUNE…I don’t doubt that he passed, but I guess the real relief for him will come when he reads PASS on his results!
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Emma & Joseph…these kids are so sweet and awesome!  I hope I can raise kids like them!  Doesn’t Madeline resemble Emma?
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Nana with her babies…so happy : )
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