Saturday, September 6, 2008

date nights & baby love

when brad and i were preparing to get married we had to meet with the priest a few times, and one thing that always stuck in my mind was how the priest emphasized how important it would be to continue to go on "dates" once we had children. well since jack has arrived we've gone on two "dates" and we've had soooo much fun doing what we'd done sooo many times before jack was here, but now it just feels sooo much more fun than it did before. last night we went to a restaurant called LUCA Ristorante Enoteca and it was fabulous. we were going to go out afterwards but ended up going home simply because we had already had such a great dose of fun and were completely happy and satisfied. so home we went as content as can be...into the bedroom we went as in love as can take one last look at our sweet baby before the morning would come.

jack is 2 months old and he's starting to entertain himself...we laughed watching him lay on his play mat smiling and laughing at the toys and fan ofcourse. he loves the fan and any light. he cooes all the time and holds his head up really well. he's huge...he wears 3-6 month clothes and most of his socks are too small...he's got long feet. he loves his soon as I bring him into the bathroom and turn on the water he smiles. he kicks his legs and splashes his arms and feet in the water. we actually have sort of a nighttime routine established--bath at 8/8:30 ish--nurse and to dreamland he goes by 9/9:30ish. He sleeps usually until 2:30 and wakes again around 5:30 ish then he falls back asleep until 8:30 ish. we are still working on our daytime routine.

brad's birthday was thursday--he turned 27--and i got him a ping pong table which has added lots of entertainment to our lives. ping pong is fun and good for improving my hand eye coordination...which i sort of lack...but i'm getting better :)

i joined a gym. having a c-section limits you for awhile--8 weeks--so now that my time is up--my craving to start working out won and i joined spectrum. seems like a great gym and they have someone who can watch jack while i workout. i have to say..i did have a freak out moment when i realized i would actually be leaving my baby with someone else and around other babies--i almost cancelled my membership. i can't pinpoint what the problem was or still is i should say...i was/am nervous about him being around other babies that might be sick...when will i feel comfortable leaving him though?...will i never?...i kept telling myself i might feel better when he's old though?...2 yrs...and then it hit me...i'd probably have another infant at that would i never join a gym and get to workout again??? after all my crazy thoughts i decided to keep my membership. i haven't gone and actually left jack we'll see. i do look forward to getting back in shape. i do have to say though...breastfeeding is the best diet i've ever been on....although Sandy is does take a toll on the girls. one of the best gifts you can give your baby though..right?

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