Thursday, September 11, 2008

i started working out yesterday---i prepared myself to walk right out and cancel my membership if i didn't like the nursery. so i filled out all my paper work and off i went with jack! it was great--first he was the only baby in the nursery so that helped ALOT and then the ladies were sooo sweet and just loved him. i went back and checked on him and she was walking around holding him and he was as happy as can be...then i went and checked on him again...and he was sleeping in a swing and she was putting a blanket on him..sweet...then i went and checked on him AGAIN and he was still sleeping with his blanket and finally she said...he's okay you don't have to worry...and i apologized for being a little crazy...and explained it was my first time leaving him. i ended up working out for an hour which was awesome. it felt so good to workout and even better to just take my time. before when i would go work out i always felt rushed to get back home to be with brad for the few hours we saw eachother in the evening...and also i was just tired from working all day. anyways...things were great and now i have something to get me out of the house rather than shopping--which believe it or not you can get tired of.

monarch butterflies are migrating to mexico right now---right through my neighborhood--its amazing...there are thousands of butterflies flying through the area..its a sight to see for sure!

hurricane ike is getting too close for comfort.

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